The Fordham University Alumni Team
Too Inspired To Be Tired

Our team was started by a group of Fordham University alumni who are determined to raise as much money as possible for childhood cancer. Our team wants to simply make a difference in this year's efforts to help children battle the emotional, mental, and physical challenges of cancer.

As a team, we like to characterize childhood cancer as the "Unbelievable Believable" task. In other words, it's an unbelievable challenge to endure but in order to persevere you have to believe. We'd like to challenge our team to live in the moment as best as we can with clear eyes and love in our hearts.

Our foundational motives are based on one simple thing — inspiration. The Tommy Fund's fortitude and commitment to excellence fuels us to make a significant impact.


   Fordham University alumni support the tommy fund

   Fordham University alumni support the tommy fund